Three works that envision the emerging Avant-garde
As part of the Polska 100 celebrations, Adam Mickiewicz Institute has commissioned a series of audio-visual works that employ emerging media and stem from creative collaboration between European artists and composers. These works for performance and immersive experience explore new trajectories of art and technology.


Roderick Coover (FR/US) and Krzysztof Wołek (PL) create an operatic Avant-garde film for immersive environments and VR, integrating aspects of silent film, graphic novel and immersive cinema to explore issues relating to time, ecology and technology.


Piotr Wyrzykowski (PL) and Echo Ho (DE/CN) turn smartphones into sound- and light-emitting instruments, and audience members become participants in their work, moving as a group and using their phones to create provocative, collective performances.


Marek Chołoniewski (PL) & Chris Cutler (UK) present an Avant-garde music performance in which brain activity of the performers, registered live through EEG sensors, is projected as a virtual model of a floating brain in a collage of graphic forms, photos, b&w videos and microscopic scans of selected existing tissues, including that of the human.


Anna Szylar Manager Digital Cultures Programme Adam Mickiewicz Institute
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